powerofthemop (powerofthemop) wrote in questfortruth,

Here we go, let's start RPing again...

Nakamori Aoko wandered through the mall. While she really wasn't much of a shopping person, a girl DID have certain nessesities - such as clothes that fit. Some of her things had been getting a little tight lately, and Aoko wasn't really one who liked to show off her curves.

Stepping out of yet another shop (didn't they have ANYTHING that wasn't skin tight or abnormally expensive!?), Aoko sighed, then blinked as she became aware of some sort of rucus coming from the center of the mall, over by the giant wishing fountain. Wondering what it could be, Aoko decided that she'd had enough of failure-shopping for awhile and went to go see what it was...

[ooc: So? Nice simple beginning, the mall's an easy place for lots of people to be and meet...and sorry if this is a little presumptuous, but if anyone's been having trouble keeping track of the group, you could always friend it on your normal ljs....see ya!]
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