Kuroba Kaito a.k.a Kaitou Kid (kurobakaito) wrote in questfortruth,
Kuroba Kaito a.k.a Kaitou Kid

[Roleplay] Picnic---Spring Goodness

[OOC: Someone needs to do the wake-up call, so...WAKE UP!!! Oh, anyone could participate in this. Just be totally random.]

Kuroba Kaito loved this season.

Sakura were fluttering in the air, much like what leaves would do in the breeze during autumn. But this was a much lovelier sight.

The Central Park was packed with other picnickers. But Aoko somehow managed to grab a spot for the some of her friends who were invited (for example, Kaito, Keiko, and others). It was a good spot too, right under the biggest tree that would look very much like candy floss from afar. Kaito guessed that she had probably reserved it since midnight last night (he didn't dare say that out loud, or Aoko would crush him). The growl from his stomach told him that it was impatient for food. And the best thing about the whole thing...

Kaito chuckled so much that he would qualify to be a madman. Aoko stared at him questioningly.

"Kaito, aren't you coming down or something?" she asked.

Kaito glanced down from the branch he was sitting on. He was in the big tree above their picnicking spot, enjoying the cool breeze and view from above. "In a minute," he called back cheerfully, munching on a sandwich.
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