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Hey guys!

I was wondering if it would be alright for me to join as Mouri Ran... I notice that she hasn't been taken, according to the userpage. The thing is though... I don't have a LiveJournal of my own anymore. I deleted it, because I never had much to write about, so I thought it was pointless to keep it around...

Is that a problem? I'll set up another account, if I really need one to join here. I just prefer roleplaying, than writing about my own life (which is boring). I've got AIM, so people from here could still contact me via that, if need be. But as I said, I'll set up another account, if it is really necessary...

I'd love to play Ran though, as she's my favourite female character from the Detective Conan series. :)

EDIT: Forget about the 'me-not-having-my-own-journal' thing actually... I decided to set up a new account here, so it's all good, I hope. ^^
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