*pokepoke* anyone there???

kill me if this is spam, but im fishing to see if this community or at least the mods are still alive. and really want you to refresh the "free characters" list cuz im not sure they're up to date ((CUZ I SHALL TAKE KID OR KAITO OR SOME MK CHARACTER THEY'RE FREE, but I truly am cheeky enough to be kid or kaito)). if you do, i promise to bring some friends to this community. i really want to see this place alive again! and if you all hate me, i shall try and find out how to delete this awesomic account. Hm!
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[OOC] Meh, I suppose I'll join...but I'll regret it though. XD

Well, I suppose that I come and join the party? I'll be joining as well, if I may. And I checked to see if he's available, and he is. So, may I be Agasa Hakaze? Thanks much, if you reply. ^___^
Although I might mess him up, I most probably can do him. Besides, who else is going to create Shinichi's gadgets? *shot*

Thanks, again.
And make sure you do reply.

I'd be unlucky if I didn't get him. *shot*

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Here we go, let's start RPing again...

Nakamori Aoko wandered through the mall. While she really wasn't much of a shopping person, a girl DID have certain nessesities - such as clothes that fit. Some of her things had been getting a little tight lately, and Aoko wasn't really one who liked to show off her curves.

Stepping out of yet another shop (didn't they have ANYTHING that wasn't skin tight or abnormally expensive!?), Aoko sighed, then blinked as she became aware of some sort of rucus coming from the center of the mall, over by the giant wishing fountain. Wondering what it could be, Aoko decided that she'd had enough of failure-shopping for awhile and went to go see what it was...

[ooc: So? Nice simple beginning, the mall's an easy place for lots of people to be and meet...and sorry if this is a little presumptuous, but if anyone's been having trouble keeping track of the group, you could always friend it on your normal ljs....see ya!]

[ooc] joining

Oopsies!  Heh...finally figured out how to post...


Okay, I know I already said this in _mouri_ran's</span> post, but I was wondering if you guys had an Aoko yet.  'Cause she's open in info but present on some friends lists...  So, I was just wondering if if there isn't one then could I be her?  Please?  If you already have one, then I'm sorry and I'll delete the account....um...please respond?

[Join request!]

It's Kazuha's roleplayer...

Since our current Ran said she won't be able to play the role anymore, and Ran's one of my favourite characters from the series... would it be alright if I roleplay as her too, now? ^^

[ooc] Umm...

Hey... now, first off, I want to say how sorry I am about this. But... I won't even be able to take part in the roleplay. xX;; My computer got broken, and I'm not able to use them that often at school, sadly... --;; So, I'd be better to give up my role as Ran, so someone more active can play her. I'm very sorry about this... hope it's not too much of a problem...

Another attempt to jump start the rp-ing?

[Ooc: It's been pretty not active around here for a while, so I came up with this..just now. Please don't hurt me if this isn't very original/cool. ;_;]

"3 adults and 5 kids for "War Stars" or whatever please." Kogoro told the what-he-considered-attractive lady in the ticket booth with a nonchalant-ish tone in his voice. We wasn't sure how he got roped into taking all these kids to some science fiction movie, but there he was. Paying for them.

As they headed for the concession stands, he noticed a group of kids around Ran's age in some type of argument, but didn't think any more about it.

About half-way into the movie, a loud scream came from just outside the auditorium.
"I'm gonna see what's going on. Stay right here." Kogoro told Ran, Conan, Sonoko, Ai, and the Detective Boys group..thing, though he knew it was futile, because he sensed them running behind him moments later.
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Koizumi Akako

(no subject)

Akako smirked. Today would be a good day, after all.

Slipping into her seat in class, she started to scope out possible victims, uh, willing participants in her fun.

Kuroba was always a good target, as was Hakuba and Nakamori. Hakuba, of course, would be more of the challenge, because of his naturally curious nature. Kuroba too. For a quick second, she wondered what about her frightened them so. Ah well.

She flipped her hair over her shoulders and continued to plot.

Who would be the best person to test the potency of her new love potion?

Hey everyone!

...Figured I'd take a baddie since the other that was here before isn't here, I guess. Taking action of that two character thing, and I promise I will be able to keep them alive. Just hoping I could join as Gin. So...please? :D
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