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QUEST FOR ALL TRUTH [entries|friends|calendar]
Quest For All Truth - A Detective Conan RP Commun.

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*pokepoke* anyone there??? [Wednesday

March 11th, 2009 @ 10:24pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

kill me if this is spam, but im fishing to see if this community or at least the mods are still alive. and really want you to refresh the "free characters" list cuz im not sure they're up to date ((CUZ I SHALL TAKE KID OR KAITO OR SOME MK CHARACTER THEY'RE FREE, but I truly am cheeky enough to be kid or kaito)). if you do, i promise to bring some friends to this community. i really want to see this place alive again! and if you all hate me, i shall try and find out how to delete this awesomic account. Hm!

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[OOC] Meh, I suppose I'll join...but I'll regret it though. XD [Wednesday

July 4th, 2007 @ 9:54am]

[ mood | calm ]

Well, I suppose that I come and join the party? I'll be joining as well, if I may. And I checked to see if he's available, and he is. So, may I be Agasa Hakaze? Thanks much, if you reply. ^___^
Although I might mess him up, I most probably can do him. Besides, who else is going to create Shinichi's gadgets? *shot*

Thanks, again.
And make sure you do reply.

I'd be unlucky if I didn't get him. *shot*

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Here we go, let's start RPing again... [Monday

January 2nd, 2006 @ 8:22pm]

Nakamori Aoko wandered through the mall. While she really wasn't much of a shopping person, a girl DID have certain nessesities - such as clothes that fit. Some of her things had been getting a little tight lately, and Aoko wasn't really one who liked to show off her curves.

Stepping out of yet another shop (didn't they have ANYTHING that wasn't skin tight or abnormally expensive!?), Aoko sighed, then blinked as she became aware of some sort of rucus coming from the center of the mall, over by the giant wishing fountain. Wondering what it could be, Aoko decided that she'd had enough of failure-shopping for awhile and went to go see what it was...

[ooc: So? Nice simple beginning, the mall's an easy place for lots of people to be and meet...and sorry if this is a little presumptuous, but if anyone's been having trouble keeping track of the group, you could always friend it on your normal ljs....see ya!]
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[ooc] joining [Wednesday

December 28th, 2005 @ 12:04am]


Oopsies!  Heh...finally figured out how to post...


Okay, I know I already said this in _mouri_ran's</span> post, but I was wondering if you guys had an Aoko yet.  'Cause she's open in info but present on some friends lists...  So, I was just wondering if if there isn't one then could I be her?  Please?  If you already have one, then I'm sorry and I'll delete the account....um...please respond?

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Just a question... [Tuesday

October 11th, 2005 @ 9:00pm]

Okay, I'm asking this for a friend of mine really, since I never noticed anything about it in the rules... are original characters allowed on here, or only canon characters?
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[Join request!] [Thursday

September 29th, 2005 @ 2:05pm]

It's Kazuha's roleplayer...

Since our current Ran said she won't be able to play the role anymore, and Ran's one of my favourite characters from the series... would it be alright if I roleplay as her too, now? ^^
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[ooc] Umm... [Thursday

September 29th, 2005 @ 2:00pm]

Hey... now, first off, I want to say how sorry I am about this. But... I won't even be able to take part in the roleplay. xX;; My computer got broken, and I'm not able to use them that often at school, sadly... --;; So, I'd be better to give up my role as Ran, so someone more active can play her. I'm very sorry about this... hope it's not too much of a problem...
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Another attempt to jump start the rp-ing? [Tuesday

September 27th, 2005 @ 4:11pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

[Ooc: It's been pretty not active around here for a while, so I came up with this..just now. Please don't hurt me if this isn't very original/cool. ;_;]

"3 adults and 5 kids for "War Stars" or whatever please." Kogoro told the what-he-considered-attractive lady in the ticket booth with a nonchalant-ish tone in his voice. We wasn't sure how he got roped into taking all these kids to some science fiction movie, but there he was. Paying for them.

As they headed for the concession stands, he noticed a group of kids around Ran's age in some type of argument, but didn't think any more about it.

About half-way into the movie, a loud scream came from just outside the auditorium.
"I'm gonna see what's going on. Stay right here." Kogoro told Ran, Conan, Sonoko, Ai, and the Detective Boys group..thing, though he knew it was futile, because he sensed them running behind him moments later.

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September 11th, 2005 @ 5:46pm]

Akako smirked. Today would be a good day, after all.

Slipping into her seat in class, she started to scope out possible victims, uh, willing participants in her fun.

Kuroba was always a good target, as was Hakuba and Nakamori. Hakuba, of course, would be more of the challenge, because of his naturally curious nature. Kuroba too. For a quick second, she wondered what about her frightened them so. Ah well.

She flipped her hair over her shoulders and continued to plot.

Who would be the best person to test the potency of her new love potion?
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Hey everyone! [Sunday

September 11th, 2005 @ 12:24am]

[ mood | excited ]

...Figured I'd take a baddie since the other that was here before isn't here, I guess. Taking action of that two character thing, and I promise I will be able to keep them alive. Just hoping I could join as Gin. So...please? :D

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Shall we begin? [Saturday

September 10th, 2005 @ 5:42pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Alright guys, I think we can start up again now.

Fixed the rules page - Minor tweaks, really, but one new major rule: All members are allowed to have up to two characters, instead of just one. Check the userinfo for more info on that - Otherwise, everything's pretty much the same.

I said I'd have a plot for us to work on, but truth to be told, I think we need to reestablish ourselves around here a bit more before I throw one up. Main reasons is because one, most ideas that pop into my head, we don't exactly have all the necessary characters for... And two, I'm just being a perfectionist as usual.

One more thing I really need to get off my chest, as well. It's pretty much pertaining to rp stories and ideas and what-not. Remember before how we always seemed to be stuck on stuff? I think that's because we were limiting ourselves to what we should or could do, so let me say this: If you have an idea, go for it! Really - Don't even ask, just go. If Ran wants to start accusing Conan of whatever, then do so; If Kazuha wants to knock Heiji off a bridge thus resulting a crash-landing on top of Sonoko's head, then why the heck not? Get everyone you possibly can to interact with you, as long as things are kept in-character, nobody really cares HOW things are done. If you can keep the story moving, major-overall story or minor, then feel free to roleplay it. The occasional crack is okay, too ♥

With that said, I'm letting you loose. Go wild, ya crazy kids.

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Konnichiwa! [Wednesday

September 7th, 2005 @ 4:27pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hey guys!

I was wondering if it would be alright for me to join as Mouri Ran... I notice that she hasn't been taken, according to the userpage. The thing is though... I don't have a LiveJournal of my own anymore. I deleted it, because I never had much to write about, so I thought it was pointless to keep it around...

Is that a problem? I'll set up another account, if I really need one to join here. I just prefer roleplaying, than writing about my own life (which is boring). I've got AIM, so people from here could still contact me via that, if need be. But as I said, I'll set up another account, if it is really necessary...

I'd love to play Ran though, as she's my favourite female character from the Detective Conan series. :)

EDIT: Forget about the 'me-not-having-my-own-journal' thing actually... I decided to set up a new account here, so it's all good, I hope. ^^

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August 25th, 2005 @ 4:01pm]

[ mood | working ]

HAY THAR. So my restrictions have finally been lifted-- Kind of, but enough for me to maintain this place reguarly. Meaning, QfaT will be kicked back to life!


One, it was agreed amonst those who said something that we'd probably be better starting off from scratch, which I personally agree with too. Which means, as to not add to confusion and mix up stuff with old plot elements, that all current members wishing to still be a part of QfaT will have to delete all their journal entires in their character journals. Yes, it'll mean the loss of some memorable moments such as Sonoko's popping-the-balls comment, but some sacrifices we have to make D: I'll be deleting entries from the community page as well.

Two! We'll do this again-- ALL MEMBERS STILL WISHING TO BE A PART OF THIS RP, REPLY HERE!! I'm giving you a week, meaning, September 3rd, to say so! Otherwise, you will be taken off the list and your spot will be open to anyone who wants it. I've already cleaned out the list, but if I have mistakingly taken off your name as well, please correct me. If you are currently NOT on the list and have not been a part of the RP before, you will have to apply; I will have the new applicant system thing up this Saturday. A week will give Carrie and I enough time to sift through and clean stuff up before we actually begin.

Three. I have an overall plot in mind, as to help us get things going, instead of before where we kind of hoped things will eventually stir up. Didn't work out. Though, we are allowed to have sub-plots moving alongside the overall one, so things will hopefully get fun ^_^

I really appriciate those who stuck alongside, even though we died, all this time. We'll try our absolute best to keep QfaT on it's toes this time around. All we need is a little revamp.

Thank you, all!
-- Duskino [ And Carrie ]

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Umm...Plot idea? [Friday

July 29th, 2005 @ 3:20pm]

I noticed since we died, we'd have to start again...I have a suggestion for a plotline if you would be so kind as to consider it. (Please ignore the fact my aura's showing.)

We could start it out with a school dance and go from there. **shrug** It's just a suggestion.
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I'm new [Thursday

July 28th, 2005 @ 2:58am]

[ mood | excited ]

I saw that Koizumi Akako was open and I'd like to take her, if possible! **smirks** But you'll have to tell me what's going on in the rpg right now.

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June 1st, 2005 @ 4:05pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Hey everyone. Going to play the role of Captain Obvious for just a moment.

We've DIED.

We never really did get up and running and fully kicking. I've been thinking on it for quite some time, so here's the deal:

I do want to revive this RP. Though, I think we would have to start anew. I think by now, the most of us have kind of faded off into our own thing and probably won't want their roles back, or won't notice. Or something. Yeah.

I'm going to bring this RP back. Not right away, of course; It WILL, this time, have some sort of storyline for us to go by so that we won't have to start from scratch for everybody. I think that was our problem last time. But by this month, it should be back and running and whatnot.

Now that's said, if you DO see this, and do still want your role by the time QFaT is back, please reply to this post and do so, along with any opinions you have on the matter.


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[Roleplay] Picnic---Spring Goodness [Friday

April 22nd, 2005 @ 5:53pm]

[OOC: Someone needs to do the wake-up call, so...WAKE UP!!! Oh, anyone could participate in this. Just be totally random.]

Kuroba Kaito loved this season.

Sakura were fluttering in the air, much like what leaves would do in the breeze during autumn. But this was a much lovelier sight.

The Central Park was packed with other picnickers. But Aoko somehow managed to grab a spot for the some of her friends who were invited (for example, Kaito, Keiko, and others). It was a good spot too, right under the biggest tree that would look very much like candy floss from afar. Kaito guessed that she had probably reserved it since midnight last night (he didn't dare say that out loud, or Aoko would crush him). The growl from his stomach told him that it was impatient for food. And the best thing about the whole thing...

Kaito chuckled so much that he would qualify to be a madman. Aoko stared at him questioningly.

"Kaito, aren't you coming down or something?" she asked.

Kaito glanced down from the branch he was sitting on. He was in the big tree above their picnicking spot, enjoying the cool breeze and view from above. "In a minute," he called back cheerfully, munching on a sandwich.
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Idea. [Monday

April 4th, 2005 @ 1:31am]

[ mood | weird ]

You guys, I think we should establish a chat session that some parties can agree to, so we can catch up on roleplaying. How about on AIM, twice a week (for those with different time zones) at an established time?

I'm eager to try this out, since kurobakaito and I have some sort of plot going. Maybe we should set up some crew for the Magic Kaito characters and Detective Conan characters separately. Or something.

Yes, I know I should be in bed now.

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[OoC] Yo. o_o [Saturday

March 19th, 2005 @ 11:54am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

^_^; I noticed that Satan dropped off of the face of the planet RPG. ...Could I perhaps kidnap claim mark take play Heiji as mine? :D


PS: Oh, oh, oh! I run my own little RPG elsewhere (on GreatestJournal...)
Could we possibly be affiliates? *cackles*

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[ Babbling ] More RP Stuff [Thursday

March 17th, 2005 @ 5:13pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Ahha... I'm probably spamming this thing far too much. Only mean it for the good, honest. Anyway, 'nother zomg-we're-dying-folks reminder, which leads me too...

Been thinking on it for a while. While we've got the members, and the activity, the one thing that keeps an RP is alive is the plot... Which I'm fairly sure is obvious by now. So far we've had two, and well... Let's be honest, they're not really working out much. I think the problem is that we're being a bit too detailed in what we want, and then just following a simple line to go with it. And, as we've seen, it eventually ends to where we're kind of... stuck.

Not saying we're not allowed to continue with our current one, but I felt like making a few suggestions. I think we need a plot that's a little open for everyone who can jump in, good or bad, DC crew or MK. We've all been a little bad about that. Also... if we do happen to come up with a new one... don't be afraid to throw in plot twists or some sorta funkay loophole. That's when things can be fun and all sorts of crazy things can happen. Y'know what I mean?

Hm.. @__@ I think that's all for now. Kind of limited on time, so if I have anything else to say, I'll let you all know (Oh! And the banners on the info page work again, if for some reason you enjoyed staring at Sprite-Conan). Thanks in advance ^_^;;

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