Ran Mouri (mouri_chan) wrote in questfortruth,
Ran Mouri

[ooc] Umm...

Hey... now, first off, I want to say how sorry I am about this. But... I won't even be able to take part in the roleplay. xX;; My computer got broken, and I'm not able to use them that often at school, sadly... --;; So, I'd be better to give up my role as Ran, so someone more active can play her. I'm very sorry about this... hope it's not too much of a problem...
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Aww, that sucks... sorry to hear about that. x_X;; I'd go crazy if I couldn't get on a PC... heck, I did when mine was broken a week or two ago. XD;; Sorry you never really got to roleplay here...
D'aww, it's all good though. Shame you never got to start, but can't help it when a computer decides to explode on ya.

Good luck on that, though.
Then who going to be Ran-neechan?