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[ Babbling ] More RP Stuff

Ahha... I'm probably spamming this thing far too much. Only mean it for the good, honest. Anyway, 'nother zomg-we're-dying-folks reminder, which leads me too...

Been thinking on it for a while. While we've got the members, and the activity, the one thing that keeps an RP is alive is the plot... Which I'm fairly sure is obvious by now. So far we've had two, and well... Let's be honest, they're not really working out much. I think the problem is that we're being a bit too detailed in what we want, and then just following a simple line to go with it. And, as we've seen, it eventually ends to where we're kind of... stuck.

Not saying we're not allowed to continue with our current one, but I felt like making a few suggestions. I think we need a plot that's a little open for everyone who can jump in, good or bad, DC crew or MK. We've all been a little bad about that. Also... if we do happen to come up with a new one... don't be afraid to throw in plot twists or some sorta funkay loophole. That's when things can be fun and all sorts of crazy things can happen. Y'know what I mean?

Hm.. @__@ I think that's all for now. Kind of limited on time, so if I have anything else to say, I'll let you all know (Oh! And the banners on the info page work again, if for some reason you enjoyed staring at Sprite-Conan). Thanks in advance ^_^;;
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Sprite Conan. Mwahwahwa.

And...yeah. xx;; Am not that great at that kind of stuff...