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Hey everyone. Going to play the role of Captain Obvious for just a moment.

We've DIED.

We never really did get up and running and fully kicking. I've been thinking on it for quite some time, so here's the deal:

I do want to revive this RP. Though, I think we would have to start anew. I think by now, the most of us have kind of faded off into our own thing and probably won't want their roles back, or won't notice. Or something. Yeah.

I'm going to bring this RP back. Not right away, of course; It WILL, this time, have some sort of storyline for us to go by so that we won't have to start from scratch for everybody. I think that was our problem last time. But by this month, it should be back and running and whatnot.

Now that's said, if you DO see this, and do still want your role by the time QFaT is back, please reply to this post and do so, along with any opinions you have on the matter.

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