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Shall we begin?

Alright guys, I think we can start up again now.

Fixed the rules page - Minor tweaks, really, but one new major rule: All members are allowed to have up to two characters, instead of just one. Check the userinfo for more info on that - Otherwise, everything's pretty much the same.

I said I'd have a plot for us to work on, but truth to be told, I think we need to reestablish ourselves around here a bit more before I throw one up. Main reasons is because one, most ideas that pop into my head, we don't exactly have all the necessary characters for... And two, I'm just being a perfectionist as usual.

One more thing I really need to get off my chest, as well. It's pretty much pertaining to rp stories and ideas and what-not. Remember before how we always seemed to be stuck on stuff? I think that's because we were limiting ourselves to what we should or could do, so let me say this: If you have an idea, go for it! Really - Don't even ask, just go. If Ran wants to start accusing Conan of whatever, then do so; If Kazuha wants to knock Heiji off a bridge thus resulting a crash-landing on top of Sonoko's head, then why the heck not? Get everyone you possibly can to interact with you, as long as things are kept in-character, nobody really cares HOW things are done. If you can keep the story moving, major-overall story or minor, then feel free to roleplay it. The occasional crack is okay, too ♥

With that said, I'm letting you loose. Go wild, ya crazy kids.
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