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There is only one truth . . .

Quest For All Truth - A Detective Conan RP Commun.
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... A Detective Conan roleplaying community.

Before I go into explainin the rules, let me lay down a few basics about the setup of this RP. QfAT is done typically in a 3rd person [ Ran turned and gave Conan a small smile ]style but simple RP tactics can also be used [ *laughs nervously* ]

Character journals are required for all new members. You will use the journal to post entries as your character and also seperate rps. For big RPS, you may choose to use the commun to post the entry in.

Replying style is simple - using comments to respond to the thread. They can get rather large this way,but it's very easy to sort and much easier to keep up with. *nodnod*

Also, roleplaying via any instant messenger [ such as AIM or MSN ] is perfectly fine. 'Story' format for these is reccomended, then someone can copy and paste the log into the community or character journal, depending on what they think is appropriate.

ANYTHING OoC must be either marked in the subject [such as of an entry] or marked off with parenthesis or brackets. This is to establish the difference and keep the RP organized.

If you're interested in joining, please scroll down and read the rules on how to join!

1. PLEASE BE LITERATE. No internet slang and L337. Be as accurate as possible. This also means no one-liners. it doesn't mean you need to always post paragraphs.... It's nice to once in a while, though.
2. As of now, I have no reason to not accept any YAOI or SHOUNENAI that goes on, though I don't exactly approve of that sort of thing for this series. XP
3. Absolutely no spam will be tolerated. This is a spam-free zone.
4. The most characters you can have is two per person. If you do decide to have two, try to be reasonable about it - i.e., taking two characters that have a close relationship generally isn't a good idea, since it kills most of the fun in that for you and for others. Also, only take a second character if you know FOR SURE that you can't keep up with them.
5. If you can, please address the characters in "Japanese form". If you don't know the character's Japanese name, ask Duski-chan (Aka Ai)
7. If your character is not active for a month (without telling us what's going on), I'm going to put that character up for grabs. ESPECIALLY if it's a main character! No buts about it. It's annoying to have characters that are taken but don't rp...
8. HAVE FUN! This RP is not suppost to be so boring it puts you to sleep, so don't do so XD
9. Please don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions.
10. This is optional: Please make sure to add all RPing members to your character journal's friends list. Apologies if this is a hassle, but it makes it much easier to keep track of everyone's characters and what's up for interactivity. Otherwise, you could always just check the community's friend page; Either way works.

Before joining, you need to check if the character is taken (scroll down for the list.) Next, you need to post that you want that character. It should be a Detective Conan character (no made ups, please), but I guess that's a given. Just create a character journal and request to join. After I approve you'll be added to the list and be allowed to RP that character. Oh yeah, please be sure to give a link to your main OoC journal and this commun when you write your userinfo! A little publicity never hurt anyone!

Note we're not very picky at all on accepting new members (slim chance anyone will be declined, unless of course, for the obvious reasons), so don't be afraid about not being accepted. So far, as long as the character isn't taken, you can hop into the wagon with the rest of us. So don't be afraid!

Conan Edogawa/Shinichi Kudo -_edogawaconan
Ran Mouri - _mouri_ran
Ai Haibara - _haibara_
Ayumi Yoshida - littleladyayumi
Kogoro Mouri - meitantei_mouri
Sonoko Suzuki - sonokosuzuki
Heiji Hattori - _ihaveahat_
Kazuha Toyama - kazuha_toyama
Akako Koizumi - darkangel_akako
Saguru Hakuba - iamsherlock
Kaito Kuroba - kurobakaito
Aoko Nakamori - (open)
Keiko Momoi - momoi_keiko
Ginzou Nakamori - (Open)
Vermouth/Chris Vineyard - (Open)
Gin - gin_in_black

Small Note: You can pick any character in the series who isn't listed as well--Don't think you're limited to who you can pick!